Piggybank -- who is publishing three different editions of the guide -- released an official statement on the delay via Twitter.

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From this, his number of fans kept increasing and there was a craving for Jesse to play more games.

Jesse quit playing Wo W for a long time because he didn't have the time for it anymore and he just got bored with it, although he does currently play Hearthstone. Other big hits on his channel include Skyrim, Rift, Amnesia, Game Dev Tycoon, and many others.

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And with how unique and different I am I might as well be from another dimension.

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There's a very key piece of information regarding Breath of the Wild doing the rounds right now, and it's something that may save some players a massive headache -- and perhaps some damage to nearby precious belongings following a fit of rage.

Recent news has revealed that Ubisoft has sent emails out to a select number of gamers inviting them to discuss their views on the possibility of developing for the Nintendo Switch.

It's clear Ubisoft is taking this survey seriously. Originally expected to be released by the end of March, the official Breath of the Wild Deluxe Edition Guide has been delayed until April 11.

, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Crash Bash, Speed Punks, and more.