If so, Debby Herbenick, Ph D, author of "It can be confidence-building because it physically helps women to be in control," she says. Woman on top can be done kneeling, squatting, facing forward or facing backward, so show off whatever you or he loves most about your body."3.

The Best Sex Position for Most Female Pleasure Gals, are you ready for this? Herbenick says the position that provides the most female pleasure may be a move you've never even tried! "This is a wonderful variation on missionary and one of the few sex positions that has ever been researched and found to be helpful for women who would like to orgasm during sex," she says.

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"It gives the woman more control over taking sex at a pace that is comfortable for her."6.

The Best Sex Position If Your Guy Is Well-Endowed Looking for more "oh"s than "ouch"s?

The Best Position for Long-Lasting Sex While premature ejaculation is a medical condition that your guy may need to seek treatment for, there are positional tricks you can try to help him increase his staying power.

According to Levine, the missionary position (again, guy on top) may be the key to helping your partner last longer.

These new entry angles allow him to explore every inch of your inner sanctum, especially the oft-ignored sides, providing you with an array of lusty sensations.

"She is more likely to get pregnant if she climaxes," she says.2.

"It can work for him if he has trouble going the distance," she says.

"The key is that he's in an easy position to stop and start when his arousal is increasing at a fast rate, and can take it down a notch so he can last longer." Want to vary the missionary position a bit? "The 'fox' position is a variation of missionary, in which the woman's legs go all the way up and over her lover's shoulders," she says.

For a passionate and slightly lengthy affair, try this. She can lie back on a pillow facing him and can pop her feet up onto his shoulders.