(Rumored to date in April 2014) The latest reports surrounding Katy Perry's love life involve veteran producer Diplo: both artists were at Coachella, and rumors are swirling that they were soaking in the California sun as more than friends.

However, the "Birthday" star recently said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Orlando and Katy tried to secretly leave a date night but they got spotted! John and Katy dated just after her marriage to Russell Brand ended.

However, Katy admitted that the trip allows for a detour to where she grew up in Santa Barbara, so it's all worthwhile - alongside the boyfriend factor."There's no pop-over and I never really got used to Malibu 'cos it's halfway to Santa Barbara, so I'm always just going to Santa Barbara then," she continued."I get the whole 'coming to LA and living by the beach' thing.

However, its most eyebrow-raising article is about the dos and don'ts of anal sex!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been spotted together almost all of the time which started out rumors that the two are dating.

Afterward, the single dad posted a selfie with some parenting wisdom: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are still buds!

According to reports, the two former lovers "still text and talk" after putting an end to their 10-month romance not too long ago.

Onlookers say that rather than try to ignore John's presence, 31-year-old Katy decided to tackle the issue head-on.

She exchanged a few words with her rocker ex, while Orlando looked on. According to sources that saw the exchange, the pair were civil, and Katy’s 39-year-old actor boyfriend didn’t seem to mind too much.

The 32-year-old revealed: "I'm just a singer and songwriter, honestly.

I speak my truths and I paint my fantasies into these little bite size pop songs.

An insider speaking with also confirmed that the ex-couple has spent time together since the breakup.