If you not happy to talk with your own contact then you need to add new peoples in your contact list.

You can see a list of below just add wechat id into your account. This allows you to make conversations without worrying about being stored in the cloud or on an external server.

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I’ve tried email, facebook, twitter in both English and Chinese but there wasn’t a single reply for a week!

I hadn’t really been using wechat nor line till recently when I made friends from Taiwan and China due to my filming.

The police told me that as the hacker is not located in Singapore, it will be difficult to track and that in the case where I continue to pursue the case, my phone and computer will be “seized” for investigation. now I feel like I’m the criminal) But in anyway, I was advised not to “provoke” the hacker and leave it be. I usually put the same photo for my social media accounts and when I change them, I usually change them all together. I don’t ever lend my account to other people and no one has my password except my technical support friends. Change your passwords often and don’t use passwords like abc and 123. Just 3 days before my account was hacked, a stranger talked to me and for a moment, I thought it was a friend whom I know fooling around with me.

When I realised that it was a stranger, I decided to block that person and few days later, my account was hacked.

If anyone knows how to reach the wechat support team (besides the [email protected] they didn’t reply me at all) or ways to get back my account, do leave me a message below! Here’s a news article from Singapore’s local Chinese newspaper reporting about this case!

For regular readers, this post is not a tip, trick, how-to or any review. For the first time, I am writing for a contest on Webo Graffiti and a pretty cool one.

So wechat was our only mode of communication, when one day, when I enter the app, my account was suddenly tied to a different number and before I could take a screenshot, my account was logged out and I have to re-log in.

Well, as I don’t log in and out of my social media accounts often, I started trying to log in via my email and facebook, and realised that they sent me into a brand new account!

I’m not exactly sure if this case was related to the hacking incident, but just hope everyone will be aware of such cases.