You can change the default appearance of the Validation Text Area widget's states by editing the corresponding CSS rule in the Spry Validation file.

A Spry Validation Text Area widget is a text area that displays valid or invalid states when the user enters a few sentences of text.

If the text area is a required field and the user fails to enter any text, the widget returns a message stating that a value is required.

textarea Required Msg overrides the default error-message rule responsible for hiding the error message text.

Thus, when Spry applies the state class to the widget container, the state rule determines the appearance of the widget, and displays the error message inline in red with a 1-pixel solid border.

Multiple textarea tags do not work inside the same HTML widget container. The Spry Validation file contains the rules that style the Validation Text Area widget and its error messages.

You can edit these rules to style the look and feel of the widget and error messages.

When the widget enters a different state through user interaction, Spry applies the appropriate class —the state class—to the container of the widget.

This action affects the error message class, and by extension, the appearance of the error message.

The ID passed into the widget constructor identifies a specific HTML element.