The system has triggered many cases of prostitution involving minors.In a sizable number of such cases, minors who entered the cafes purely out of curiosity have been targeted.Male customers, some wearing business suits, gaze at young women sitting on sofas through the one-way mirror. The cafe displays a notice saying girls aged 16 or older are welcome. Clerks tell the male customers, "If you see a girl you like, feel free to name her." The cafe is open from 9 a.m.

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If a female customer is chosen, she chats with the man for about 10 minutes.

If she agrees to a date outside the cafe, the man pays her "transportation expenses." The man also pays the cafe an admission fee, a naming fee and a fee if he manages to arrange a date, totaling about 8,000 yen. According to the National Police Agency, the number of such dating-service cafes began increasing around 2006.

The prefectural police thus regarded they had an employer-employee relationship.

But in cases in which dating-service cafe operators do not pay or offer other benefits to women, finding ways of cracking down on them is difficult.

She said she was plied with alcohol outside the cafe and sexually abused.

Investigators of the Kanagawa prefectural police quoted her as saying: "I treated it all very lightly as I thought I'd be able to dine for free. I regret it now." A senior official of the prefectural police said: "Many girls hear rumors that they'll be able to dine at a man's expense, and visit such cafes just for curiosity or in the hope of getting money.According to the NPA's data, the first cases of child prostitution and sexual abuse involving the dating-service cafes surfaced in 2007, with 26 such incidents reported.This year, there had been 22 such cases as of the end of August, including incidents involving two middle school students.This is basically a place where you can experience speed dating in Tokyo. First, patrons are asked to fill out a form with some key information about them.Next, male and female patrons are randomly paired and are seated comfortably at a table for two.[7 October 2008] - Cases of child prostitution involving dating-service cafes have been increasing sharply, prompting some local governments to take measures such as banning people under 18 from entering such establishments.