Photo Credit: Shane Nelson' src="/uploaded Images/TW_Media/Hawaii/T0406KAUAI010_SN.jpg? width=750&height=420&scale=both&mode=crop"Photo Credit: Shane Nelson' Title='A stop at one of Kauai's many farmers market's is a great way to sample locally grown produce and fruit along with an excellent chance to meet and interact with Garden Isle residents.

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It is our belief that when math is explored in contexts that are familiar and of interest to students, students will be more engaged to do math, reason, think critically, question and communicate.

“While living in Paris, I received an e-mail from my friend and fellow filmmaker Isabel Sadurni entitled, “If the World Were 100 People.” It offered an accurate description of the world population proportionally represented by 100 individuals (.5 million), based on criteria such as age, nationality, gender, religion, and language.

We both found the statistics describing the present state of our humanity on the planet both stunning, and deeply moving.

Photo Credit: Shane Nelson' src="/uploaded Images/TW_Media/Hawaii/T0406KAUAI004_SN.jpg? width=750&height=420&scale=both&mode=crop"Photo Credit: Shane Nelson' Title='This laysan albatross chick was nearly the size of a loaf of bread.

As an adult, the birds fly on nearly seven-foot wingspans.

Our activities are written to correspond with the NCTM Process Standards and the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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Today, it's a great place for visitors to see the endangered Hawaii State bird, the Nene, pictured in the foreground.

Photo Credit: Shane Nelson' src="/uploaded Images/TW_Media/Hawaii/T0406KAUAI009_SN.jpg? width=750&height=420&scale=both&mode=crop"Photo Credit: Shane Nelson' Title='A rare sight throughout most of Hawaii, the Nene can commonly be seen across the North Shore of Kauai due, in part, to the Garden Isle's lack of introduced predators that prey on the bird's chicks elsewhere in the state.

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