Yet again, a popular yet confused media channel has made a big goof up with Deepika Padukone’s name.

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Make sure you stay in a hotel directly on the beach, though, as the beaches are private and you could get moved on if you settle down on somebody else’s turf.

Because the island is so small you can easily check out all the other beaches Phu Quoc has to offer and Sao beach in the south is a must. Its accessibility With a shiny new international airport now in place you can fly to Phu Quoc from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Can Tho from as little as £20 each way.

While the likes of Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sa Pa offer loads to do in northern Vietnam, it’s down south where the weather is hot all year round that you can really soak up what Vietnam’s all about at a much slower pace.

Phu Quoc is home to some of the best beaches in Vietnam and here’s why you need to add it to your itinerary NOW. It’s the perfect place to relax For many, Vietnam will be a total culture shock.

Whether you’ve been trekking in Sa Pa or navigating Ben Thanh Market in Saigon, Phu Quoc is the antidote to more action-packed resorts with its remote beaches and chilled vibe.

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (Picture: Emily Hewett) " data-medium-file=" w=884" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-5637808" src=" w=884&h=587" alt="Salinda Hotel Phu Quoc (Picture: Salinda)" width="884" height="587" / It’s been described as the jewel in Vietnam’s crown.It’s been popular with backpacker crowds for a while but couples – young and old – and even families are descending on the low-key island with its easy access, incredible coastline and laid back atmosphere.The tabloid mentioned Deepika merely as a ‘female companion’ of Novak.The report said, “The world number one tennis player appeared to have had a great night as he was pictured exiting the bar - popular among LA’s A-lister set - in the dark hours of the evening with a female companion.The plankton only turns blue when it’s disturbed and it’s a truly beautiful sight – think Leo in The Beach.