The polenta is pan grilled and the mushrooms and sausage so full of flavor that this dish could be served as an entrée.The Lasagna Bolognese can turn a man used to his American mother’s run of the mill lasagna into a lasagna lover.Before owning Malaparte, Sebastian bounced around from one profession to another, after studying engineering and international relations at Tufts – he quickly switched majors – he briefly worked at the New York Times.

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He worked as a bartender at a Mexican restaurant in Germany. So where does his interest in food and cooking come from?

Sebastian says that he always enjoyed cooking, but only really started to cook in Germany when he studied abroad. In Germany, a spacious and beautiful kitchen allowed him to experiment and take pleasure in the act of preparing food. He then worked as a runner and expediter at Boulé Bakery. He stopped twice for graduate school and Berlin, but both times returned.

Before Malaparte, Sebastian was living a rather bohemian life, filling the day with reading and piano playing.

Since the restaurant opened Sebastian works non-stop. And yet, he still finds the time to play the piano and read, his two passions along with the restaurant.

They soon realize that the perks of a borderline normal occupation, and a semi-regular paycheck are grand.

At Malaparte, a budding, Italian neighborhood restaurant in the heart of the west village, co-owner and general manager Sebastian Widmann stumbled upon the life of a restaurateur after a meandering path.

Many people stumble upon the restaurant industry, especially in New York City.

In pursuit of a wallet to sustain an artistic lifestyle, artists, writers and actors alike, find themselves more times than not waiting tables, running food or even managing restaurants.

Malaparte is a quintessential West Village restaurant — homely, inviting, with wide-open windows, wooden benches, a fourteen seat communal table, a semi-see through kitchen, and full of good-looking people.

Most of the carpentry and design was done by Sebastian and his business partner, Emanuele Attala, including the upholstery on the green and white striped chairs and the installation of the benches.

He likes to talk, he stops by tables to chat with customers, he smiles, he is calm and well spoken.