Moreover our comedy actor is colorblind, he can only see blue color,, he also had an accident in which he broke both of his legs!

He played for the show for the two years that it had run and then he landed the starring role in a Canadian Flick called Everything’s Gone Green which was filmed in the Vancouver.

Paulo Costanzo is a famous Canadian actor who is popular for his roles in Comedy road trip released in 2000.

His role here was excellent and gave him a great boost for bigger roles on screen.

He got several invitations to audition after this play.

His acting career started at earlier age and he participated in high school in West Side Story.

Has done many roles throughout and can be said that working career started in 1997.Career When he was 18, he made the debut with the guest role of the Canadian teen series called Ready or Not.After this, more works followed and this included the recurring role on Toronto-filmed Nickelodeon Sci-Fi series called Animorphs.Other roles continued and these included playing on the opposite side of Josh Hartnett in the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights, the movie was for Miramax with the Alicia Silverstone under the independent film Scorched.In the 2004, Paulo Costanzo landed a role of playing Joey Nephew Michael, the rocket scientific who has lived with his mother for a long period and he does not have any luck with the ladies.More roles followed, including playing opposite Josh Hartnett in 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) for Miramax, and with Alicia Silver stone n the independent film Scorched(2003).