He came up to us with my coat in his hand, while we were still on the floor and just said ‘We’re going’ just like that.

We went home and had a row, but it was very one-sided.

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I feel ashamed to admit it now, but back then I went along with it. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have allowed it to happen. John had the same rules for his girlfriend Cynthia…. There was no going out except with him, and I lost touch with my friends because I was never available.

When we did go out I wasn’t allowed to smoke, even though he smoked; it wasn’t the image he wanted I guess.

John and I used to have these secret talks intimating, although not actually saying it, that we could be quite happy for our girlfriends to be Liverpool’s answer to Bardot.

My girlfriend was called Dot and, of course, John had Cynthia. I always used to see this guy on the way to school, standing at the bus stop, and I would spin fantasies about him. I was giving him the eye and stuff and he asked me to dance.

They were due to marry when she fell pregnant, but their relationship fell apart when she miscarried.

They had four children, Linda's daughter Heather, who was adopted by Paul, Mary, Stella and James and they remained devoted to each other until she sadly passed away following a battle with breast cancer in 1998.

She ended up with £24.3million, less than a fifth of the £125million she had sought from their four year marriage.

Dorothy “Dot” Rhone, a quiet girl from Liverpool, England, was abused by her heavy drinker father. She grew up terribly shy, introverted and withdrawn and didn’t think she was at all pretty.

At the time everyone was trying to turn their girlfriend into a bargain basement Bardot.