We both moved from places we loved into ****ty living situations at the end of the summer and if we want to spend a night together, we have to stay at her place.

She lives with a passive aggressive roommate that's a man twice her age plus she has upstairs neighbors that are continually making noises all times of the day.

Perhaps recommend she stand up to some of these annoying people and solve some of her own problems.

Earlier, police were questioning someone in the case trying to determine if that person was involved in the shooting.

Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

We've been dating since last summer and I do love her, but it seems like I am the only person who she holds accountable.

She is letting everyone else walk over her recently and it infuriates me.

Tell her that u care about her and that u dont like the way she lets people just walk all over her.

You dont like how she doesn't change situations in her life that are not ideal for her.They said Small had started running way, at first, when she heard loud popping noises and then stopped after thinking it was firecrackers.Then she reportedly yelled out “Darius No” before she was shot.When I went outside, she was behind my car bleeding from her eye,” said neighbor Olivia De Castro.Small and two other teenage boys were walking toward a bus stop near SW 243rd Terrace and 129th Place when a verbal dispute ensued after Chaney showed up and then and then he opened fire, police said.Her fellow students at Homestead Senior High School are stunned by the shooting. The shooting turned a quiet neighborhood into a crime scene.