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He was chosen to fight Hornchurch for the Conservatives in 1970, regaining the seat lost in 1966, by a majority of 5,830.

After redistribution, he was chosen to fight the highly marginal seat of Upminster in February 1974 and won it by 1,008 votes.

John Loveridge was first elected to Parliament in 1970 as the Conservative MP for Hornchurch and, after boundary changes, in 1974 took on the less than promising Upminster constituency, turning it into a safe Conservative seat.

Although he was an active backbencher, playing a full part in committees, he always had wider interests.

Mr Kelly's mother cried quietly in court as she listened to the panel's decision.

Outside the court the dead teenager's family welcomed the new sentence.An appeal has succeeded in nearly doubling the prison sentence given to Sydney man Kieran Loveridge for the one-punch death of teenager Thomas Kelly and several assaults on the same night.Mr Kelly, 18, died after being randomly punched by Loveridge as he walked with his girlfriend in Kings Cross in July 2012.Loveridge's initial forays into politics were as a prospective candidate for the Liberal Party, but in 1949 he joined the Conservatives.He fought the safe Labour seat of Aberavon in the 1951 general election and was equally unsuccessful when he sought to win a seat on the London County Council in 1952.After graduating in Engineering from St John's College, Cambridge, he briefly worked on aircraft research before becoming the Vice-Principal of St Godric's College in Hampstead, London, which had been founded by his mother in 1929.