Sales Crunch has created a new infographic that shows exactly how much money you are spending on meetings, and how you can see more results by making them shorter and more efficient.

Source: Sales Crunch With the introduction of Obamacare, America’s health care system has become more complex.

Medical Billing’s new infographic takes a look at some of the details surrounding the controversial change in health care policies, while poking fun at the public’s increasing disinterest in the topic.

Source: Medical Billing This new infographic from the Better Business Bureau takes a look at the Top 10 Scams of last year.

He's proposing to her in a way that matters to her, which speaks volumes.

To date, his proposal has received 5,077 Tweets on Twitter, 5,329 likes on Facebook and the comment section to this post on Mashable is full of pats on the back and enthusiasm for how elaborate and creative the proposal.

Source: Late night poker watchers and weekly players will greatly appreciate this.’s latest infographic compares and contrasts each method of playing, whether you go old fashioned or play through your online avatar.

Source: Bit9 The heart is a sensitive organ, and once it goes out on you, it’s hard to bring it back.’s latest infographic tells the truth about sudden cardiac arrest, exploring what it is, why it happens, and what you can do to prevent it.

As you can see from the infographic, there's a lot of variation there, with a few fun little surprises thrown in. Other notable favorites include Connecticut's "casino," New York's "museum," and Florida's "Disney."Other dating sites have started to employ strategies in an effort to move past these general, state-by-state similarities and look at individual ones.

Oregon's love of "kayaking," Colorado's obsession with "snowboarding," and Texas' interest in "oil" could maybe be predicted. For instance, My Show Mate uses your favorite TV shows to find a match, and Willow capitalizes on user-generated questions to help you find someone to share those things that make you two unique.

But, we were a little surprised to see "lookin" dominating in Mississippi, "gospel" in Maryland, and "bonfires" up north. You can play around with the original interactive map here, or check out Vox's version below.