These biscuits that resemble pigs’ ears, or some say humans, had a distinct smell to it.

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Try putting a handful in your mouth and munch them altogether. Apollo Chocolate Wafers were a common sight in the birthday goodie bags I received as a kid.

Also remembered as the chocolate that melted and smeared easily but we didn’t mind licking them off the wrapper because it was just that delicious.

Often seen filled in one of the containers beside all the other goodies during Chinese New Year, these gummy candies were tangy and had a distinct taste for each colour.

What’s the first image that pops into your mind when I say “lollipop”? With so many flavours sticking out of the big round cap seen in provision shops or sometimes even in kopitiams, every child would certainly be able to find the flavour that suits their taste buds.

The type of instant noodles that could be eaten once unwrapped, because that’s the Mamee Monster way!

I remember my mom hiding packets of this away from me as she claimed that I’ll lose all my hair if I ate too much of it.

The wrappers are actually made of edible rice cellophane that dissolves in your mouth.

Why bother unwrapping when we can eat them altogether?

Or were you one of those naughty kids who would bite off the icing and then pass the biscuit to your mom to eat?

Haw flakes, or more commonly known as the thin discs candies that we probably didn’t bother to find out what they were actually made of because all we cared about was their pleasantly sweet and sour taste.

I used to think ‘Haw’ was the brand of this snack but nope, these haw flakes are actually made out of the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn tree!