Once a month, this thought will also feel exciting, but after you brave it, you'll be a mess for days. This is why you wear the same outfit over and over again -- it never gets photographed. You will stop buying dresses to wear out on the weekends because you no longer wear dresses out on the weekend.

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You have about 60 million dresses in your closet that are super cute, but they have absolutely no place in your life anymore. Sometimes you just can't and wine helps you "can," whatever that means. You have actually stayed in because you have to "run errands" the next day.

On the rare occasion you do go out, you're not going to places where people wear dresses, unless of course you decide to dabble in club life... That's one thing that hasn't changed at least -- you still have and will always have a packed closet with nothing to wear. You will find yourself drifting apart from a lot of friends. You know if you go out, you'll spend the entire next day on the couch and nothing will get done -- meaning the entire week ahead will be derailed.

If you love a girl in her late 20s, she'll be the real deal.

You'll be dating a grown ass woman who won't keep you guessing, but will still manage to surprise you the more you fall for her.

You feel as though there is no time to hang out with even your closest friends now, so you split your limited free time amongst a true few.

You just don't have the ability to make time for everyone anymore. You're tired and you have to save your money for other things.

But I'm going to have to go alone to all these weddings and it's really expensive.

My mom keeps bugging me about that, but I don't even have time to date anyone.

You might start making more money, but it will all go towards weddings. And when you do, it will almost always be for investment pieces. Or TJ Maxx, because if we're being realistic here, you're poor as f*ck thanks to all of those weddings.