There’s Michelle, the anthropomorphic microphone, and there’s Art the gigantic spray paint can…

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Lars has spoken and presented at two different TEDx conferences, performed at Carnegie Hall with a live string section (at Scholastic’s 2012 Art and Writing Awards – where he debuted the video for his song, “Flow Like Poe,” which is the lead single on his 2012 Edgar Allan Poe EP).

Lars has developed and grown Horris Records in this past decade, signing the label’s first artist, Weerd Science (the solo hip-hop project of Cohered & Cambria’s drummer, Josh Eppard).

) Podracing up the 101, surpassing Golden Gate traffic (whoo! CHORUS: I’ll put this rabbit in the Dip, when I dip, you dip, we dip Let’s put these toons up in the dip, when you dip, I dip, we dip I’ll put this shoe up in the Dip, when I dip, you dip, we dip When I’m mobbin’, with the weasels, we can dip Toontown into the ground (x2) OUTRO: Baron Von Rotten! (x4) “It's a Party with Lars (featuring Spose)” music by MC Lars and Jim Greer lyrics by Spose and MC Lars CHORUS: It’s a party with Lars, party with Lars! ) He was smoking cocaine (It’s a party with Lars, party with Lars! (The French Canadian Dharma Bum, who lived his life to the maximum) Who’s that?

) R2 on the roof of my Prius (dude), I could Face Time holographic I’d play for the A’s and we'd win every game Resurrect Mac Dre do it all for the Bay They’d all say hey Lars is neato And always let me cut the line at El Farrolito Two years ago, a friend of mine, asked me to say some Jedi rhymes so I said this rhyme, I’m about to say, I fought the Sith and it went this way CHORUS: If I were a Jedi, bet I’d get all the ladies I would mack it more than Dumbledore or Leto Atreides If you try to strike me down I’ll just be more powerful If I were a Jedi, that would be hella awesome (Singin’! (x4) VERSE 1: SPOSE: Man, last time I partied with Lars, he was on the roof, mouth all bleeding with a broken tooth, he did a backflip with a broken leg, he turned around, spun around, looked at us said, “My name is MC Lars, I’m gonna jump off the roof! ) You’ll be glad that you came VERSE 2: LARS: It’s a party with Lars… “Forgot About Jack” music by MC Lars and Jim Greer lyrics by MC Lars VERSE 1: Here’s the story of a dude named Jack Kerouac who hit the road ‘cause he was never coming back to write an epic book and see the country with a very close friend named Neal Cassady they were lovers but we didn’t know until much later ‘cause America then was full of homophobic haters it was all about the journey and spontaneous prose at the Six Gallery he heard Ginsberg flow ‘cause Jack went hard and got turnt up passed the port after he filled his cup A Catholic Buddhist with a giant heart wrote everything down the in the service of his art went to Big Sur, saw a dead otter thought about his mom his cat and his father drank himself to death in his Florida home was laid to rest in Lowell at 47 years old CHORUS: Who’s that?

II” music by Chris Hunger lyrics by MC Lars CHORUS: Where ya been Lars, where ya been?

(x8) VERSE 1: I’ve been touring every where just to bring those joyful smiles On a four-year long mission, guess this album took awhile been to Auckland, been to Glasgow, been to Anchorage and back now I rock a North Face jacket and a brand new A’s cap I’ve been at it for a decade, can’t believe I’m 32, Or how much of what I said on "Download this Song" came true I answered every single question on my Reddit AMA and for 17 whole minutes it was up on the front page I dropped an introspective album not a lot of people liked but I felt a little better when my Dad said it was tight (right?

Imagine if Jam Master Jay had eight legs, how much vinyl he could mix?

But anyway, you’ve got to wait for it because in the meantime, here’s my fourth album.

“Hipster Mom” music by Bee Mick See, Rocky O’Reilly, MC Lars and Jordan Katz lyrics by MC Lars and Damondrick “D. ” VERSE 1: She’s late for baby yoga, but she’s looking hella fly breastfeeding out in public catching everybody’s eye with her brand new Orbit stroller and her probiotic smoothie at Whole Foods checking prices on that tasty vegan sushi with that Adbusters mag and her artisan toast she’s always shopping local and avoiding GMOs scoping out the Lululemon infant line on her phone using Amazon Mom cause she’s always on the go watching GIRLS on HBO, really takes her back to the Bushwick parties, and the vinyl stacks she misses Cafe Grumpy, and Brooklyn Label but when she’s back on Franklin she can never get a table she remembers Luna Lounge, where she passed out flyers for an underground band named Arcade Fire before Leena Dunham was successful and paid Hipster Girl was on the L, trying to find her way CHORUS: Well Hipster Girl grew up and got her MFA Married with a mortgage and an IRA Hybrid mini van up in the carpool lane But Hipster Mom is ding okay Hipster Mom: “This may seem like a stupid question, but is breast milk vegan? I have to Skype my lactation consultant.” VERSE 2: She looks so good when she shops organic Because she cares about her baby and the future of our planet But life has gotten hectic, now that she’s become a mom though the charter school waiting list isn’t all that long and the Mandarin immersion that they offer every morning combines a bit of Waldorf and a bit Montessori and their rooftop playground has an urban petting zoo with recycled wood chips and a Manhattan view because her Greenpoint sublet had to go Bedford got too crowded and she’d seen enough shows So she married a designer and moved to Park Slope Found a nice Brownstone and they took out a loan And her Etsy store has been doing great since Ellen Paige, Instagrammed her diaper bouquets Before the Starbucks down on Union sold soy lattes There was Hipster Girl trying to find her way CHORUS: Well Hipster Girl grew up and got her MFA Married with a mortgage and an IRA Hybrid mini van up in the carpool lane But Hipster Mom is ding okay Well Hipster Girl grew up and now she makes it rain Amber teething necklace that she bought fair trade Vegan chocolate cake for baby’s first birthday And Hipster Mom is ding okay Hipster Mom: “Did you hear? It’s like she doesn’t even care about the health of her newborn, how basic.” BRIDGE: No more TV on the radio it’s NPR where she heard the interview in her husband’s car with her ex-fiancé who had gone EDM but ever since her wedding it was hard to stay friends and his Coheed hoodie with the dragon fly? Mom always brought them home then in high school it was Steinbeck, Keats and Edgar Allan Poe WATSKY: Don’t let the memories fade, we’ve got to make them last I was still a baby when Grandma Katy passed and passed on her hardcover novels, with the Sutherlin nameplates, our family gospel ‘cause I’m not sure if the lord is above, but I know that your mother is alive in the stories you love that you read to us when we were little, until we were grown and I’m gonna pass them on when I’ve got some kids of my own (Kids of my own) CHORUS: CHARLYNE: I was never afraid LARS: (of the monsters in the closet, it would be alright) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid LARS: (reading Goosebumps up in Tahoe on those summer nights) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid WATSKY: (of a moaning ghost, or of a pile bones) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid WATSKY: (even when the floorboards groaned) LARS: Did Stuart Little give up? ) He always persevered you came on stage at Warped Tour, remember how they cheered? ) Them cartoons from back in the day, Judge Doom won't be showing his face (uh! No way ‘Cause Roger Rabbit don’t play, doing doughnuts all day with Eddie Valiant, we all about it, you best get out of our way You know I’m putting in work, these fools about to get murked with that acetone and that turpentine and that benzine going berserk (Roger! (A Lonesome Traveller, On the Road, writing prose about the life he chose) Who’s that?

J.” Jack Hipster Mom: “Oh my God, I never thought I’d ever hear MGMT again… She’d kept it in her closet as the years went by “who’s ‘Cry Tonight’ about? There is no way we’re ever going to have a party at Sea World… Do you think the gold i Phone 6 clashes with her indigo aura? ‘Cause I’m always going hard with my Dothraki crew VERSE 1: Daenerys be the name and I’m setting hearts aflame When I’m burning down these villages and freeing all the slaves Wiz Khaleesi, have you met my dragons? and unlike Jackie Paper I’ll be back to Honalee to play you my new demos, ‘cause you’re so honest with me at home you won’t put up with that rapper ego crap, ‘cause to you I’m still Andrew, and I’ll always treasure that I’d choose my own adventure, it’s taken me so far ghostriding giant peaches, catching seagulls with these bars WATSKY: Keep all your nickles and dimes, feed me your riddles and rhymes, read me your Wrinkle in Time, build me a bridge out to Terabithia, meet me at nine on the mysterious island, right at the scene of the crime come with Captain Nemo, but I’m emo, don’t leave me behind staring at the sun out on the cape until we’re legally blind freeze any Mutiny on the Bounty, just cary me there, out by Where the Red Fern Grows and just bury me there (Bury me there) CHORUS: CHARLYNE: I was never afraid LARS: (of the Twits or the Grinch or even Captain Hook) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid LARS: (of Boggis, Bunce or Bean, no I was never shook) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid WATSKY: (of the Grendel or of Ichabod Crane) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid WATSKY: (even when the Tripods came) CHARLYNE: Now suddenly, for the first time, I’m ready to be loved VERSE 3: LARS: And If I ever have kids, I’ll read them Stega Nona Lyle Lyle Crocodile, Matilda and Ramona WATSKY: I’ll never give ‘em the back of my hand, give ‘em the Giver, the River, Hatchet and Raggedy Ann LARS: And even as a rap fiend, mama you always kept my hats clean, mama WATSKY: Even though we have seen drama, you always had the vaccine, mama CHORUS: CHARLYNE: I was never afraid LARS: (of gettin’ lost in Narnia because we had a map) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid LARS: (in those Oakland Hills sitting on my mama’s lap) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid WATSKY: (in Jumanji, or of Anansi) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid WATSKY: (there’s no Ork or Morlock that haunts me) CHARLYNE: I was never afraid (x4) “The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date” music by Jordan Katz, MC Lars, Damondrick Jack and Watt White lyrics by MC Lars These are ten things to never say on a first date. Oh yeah, I believe in reproductive rights too, especially for guys. ) He probably be after RK, the dip he be letting it spray I won't believe it! ) Rah - Roger Rabbit, Rah, Rah - Roger Rabbit Box office smash like I’m Rah - Roger Rabbit (yeah) Three dope shorts like I’m Rah - Roger Rabbit (uh! (Literary iconoclast, who grabbed the moment and made it last) Who’s that?

The southern-California native and Stanford alum deems his comedic sonic concoction “post-punk laptop rap,” which is somewhat close to how it sounds and feel as Horris’s lyrics induces myriad chuckles over the course of 14 tracks.