In this Act the word "handicap" connotes the effects of functional difficulties which are not merely temporary in nature and which arise from an abnormal physical, mental or psychological condition.Any condition which is not within the norm for the age of the person concerned is considered to be abnormal.IS 1 6), which entered into force on I October 1985; and of section I of the first Act mentioned above, which entered into force in accordance with its section I 0.

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1523), which entered into force on I January 1982; subsection (3) of section 20 of the Act of 22 December 1983 (ibid., p.

1532), which entered into force on I January 1984 and subsections (1), (2) and (4) to (8) of section 20 of that Act which entered into force on I April 1984; section I of the Act of 18 July 1985 (ibid., p.

Since 2000, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund has collected country-based laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities.

DREDF is providing this collection of laws and summaries in order to foster sharing of information and encourage the international dialogue on disability anti-discrimination.

severely handicapped persons whose working lives are especially affected, because of the nature of the seriousness of their handicap, in particular: those who, because of the nature or the seriousness of their handicap, have not completed vocational training within the scope of the Act on vocational training;' 2.

severely handicapped persons who have attained the age years.

(1) Any person who otherwise fulfils the conditions set forth in section I and whose handicap is less than 50 per cent but at least 30 per cent shall normally be placed on the same footing as a severely handicapped person if a decision to that effect is taken at his or her request in accordance with section 4 by the local employment office and his or her handicap is such that he or she is, in the absence of such equivalent treatment, unable to obtain or retain a suitable job within the meaning of subsection (1) of section 7.

The decision to place him or her on an equal footing with a severely handicapped person has effect from the date of the request. (2) This Act, with the exception of section 47 and Division I 1, shall apply to any person placed on the same footing as a severely handicapped person.

(1) In this Act the expression "post" means any job in which a worker, employee, public servant.