, and she covers a lot of the same ground as in other recent interviews, in which she talks about giving up her home because she was never there. , print edition, April 21, 2008] Renee says that as for working with George, “I didn’t want to disappoint him.She also said she’s not ready to become a mom and that it wouldn’t be something she would be comfortable with now given her nomadic life. His opinion really matters to me.” Renee loves it when people are mean to her And she still has a tough time dealing with fame.Mariella Frostrup (2002) The Norwegian-born journalist and broadcaster was reported to have had a brief affair with Clooney after meeting him at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Elisabetta Canalis (2009-) Clooney began dating Italian model and former cocktail waitress Elisabetta Canalis in 2009, and the Italian press have repeatedly speculated that the couple would tie the knot.

But she has since been linked to a sex and drugs scandal after allegedly taking cocaine at a Milan nightclub where businessmen reportedly took drugs and used the services of prostitutes.

She tells the mag, "Look, just say George is a very good friend of mine and I love spending time with him and he is such a good person. Zellweger has moved out of Clooney's Hollywood mansion after a string of rows, just days after Clooney was spotted chatting up two exotic dancers in a Los Angeles strip club.

A friend says, "Renée and George are still speaking so there's even a chance they could get back together.

Krista Allen (2002-04) Allen, an actress, reportedly struck up a relationship with Clooney after he cast her in the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind in 2002.

They dated for almost two years until Allen ended the affair in 2004, but the pair were said to have briefly rekindled their romance in 2006.

As for her co-star in her current movie Leatherheads, George Clooney, she says that not only has she never dated him but that she will deny dating him until the day she dies. The interviewer asked Renee what the worst thing about being famous was, and she said that people aren’t real with her and she loves it when service people are rude to her when they don’t know who she it. I love it when the stewardess is just nasty and I shrink when she comes back to apologize because she didn’t realize who I am.

Did your on-screen chemistry with George Clooney, who directed you in Leatherheads, surprise you? I know it sounds crazy, but I cherish it when somebody’s mean!

Renee Zellweger is currently dating Doyle Bramhall II.