The most common type of connection nowadays is USB 3.0.

But of course, some would be slightly better than the others.

For instance, Samsung is always at the forefront in terms of innovation, when Toshiba provides strong values at very competitive prices.

External HDDs between 20 GB and 250 GB can usually be connected via USB and are highly portable.

However, these drives are more suited for those who don't need too much space. External HDDs with space more than 1 TB require electricity supply, almost always.

Some of the most popular manufacturers as of now are Seagate, La Cie, San Disk, G-Technology, Toshiba and Western Digital.

As far as performance is concerned, most of the HDDs manufactured by all these companies have more or less the same features and performance.

A 4 TB external hard disk drive offers massive amount of space.

You can utilize this space for storing an enormous number of movies, music files and other files and documents.

If you are looking for a durable and long lasting external HDD, a solid state HDD is your best bet.