It’s designed to let you read your PDF documents as you would books, with simple tap gestures on the left or right side of your screen for page turns.

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i PDF Reader Free – i PDF Reader is the world’s slimmest e Book and PDF reader, now available for the i Pad and offered for free to celebrate launch day!

Search a boundless library of books and pdf’s from all over the world and from every possible subject matter.

Real Caliper – Same functionalities as a $100 real caliper for $0.99 !!!

Very high precision i Pad Caliper From the creators of “Dimensions”, best selling real tool box on the App Store.

Cloud App2 – Using this application, you set a start page through the standard i Phone/i Pod/i Pad settings menu and configure the full-screen experience the way you want it to look.

Status bar visible or not, disable pinch to zoom or not, enable rotation or not, you decide.Remote PC Lite – Use Remote PC Lite on i Pad to remotely access file(s)/folder(s) available on the remote computer (PC or MAC) on the LAN/Wi-Fi network. It’s a simple tool to allow you to view your favorite web sites in a quick and convenient way.Tabulous allows you to organize your web browsing with the creation of tab groups.Choices – Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t make up your mind on something?Do you always have trouble making your own decisions? Just press one of the Quick Choice buttons and Choices will make up your mind for you!Color RGB – Need to figure out what color you need for a project?