The digital disruption that has transformed sector after sector, from publishing to travel, has come to insurance.Many insurance executives view the digital challenge as purely an IT topic, a social media play or a onetime conversion that could be resolved in relatively short order.

Why is mastery of the digital space so pressing for insurers now?

Mainly because the balance of power has been shifting to customers as a result of the rapid adoption of smart mobile devices, the ubiquity of broadband and the proliferation of social media and aggregator websites (see Figure 1).

In most cases, insurers are pursuing a string of unconnected initiatives layered onto a legacy information technology (IT) system and a traditional mindset.

Few of the insurance social media websites have attracted significant user attention or motivated consumers to buy.

And they don’t hesitate to use social media to let others know how they were treated.

Their advocacy cannot be dismissed: For one insurer in Hong Kong, for example, three-quarters of all new insurance purchases come via customer referral.And that, is where my personal brand journey began for me. Well, I love to work with people, helping them along the way. I consider myself a compassionate educator of sorts. With this second year came a new challenge: a personal brand presentation. I presented it to my peers and the senior leadership team at Ameri First Home Mortgage. I thought about how I want to be remembered in the eyes of my daughters. My Twitter profile – make sure you’re following me for marketing updates… In thinking about nailing down a brand, it all comes back to helping and serving others. It’s serving consumers through helpful marketing instead of spammy junk mail. Each leader in my peer group faced the same challenge. Check out current and past menu’s on our menu page. Goodbye to a man who made a big difference in the world through small kindnesses.This my friends, is how I’d like to leave the world.