I can't believe that you were only 17 years old you're a great actress you look matured :) Hello Honoka Miki : D I am your No.1 Fans in The Philippines . And i really want to go there just to see you Love You .. I hope we will see you soon Here In the Philippines :) I wish you will have an Asian Tour and don't forget to go here in the Philippines :) God Bless Yuki Furukawa & Miki Honoka! MIKI HONOKA Hi Honoka Miki, I was reading comments many of them are inviting you to visit our country PHILIPPINES :) your drama Mischievous Kiss is a big hit here ^_^ Oh! I love ur drama series most likely the Mischievous Kiss love in tokyo .. bye yuki and miki Hi Miki :) Your show was very beautiful and nice :) Both of you are good Actor and Actress for us in our generation.

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Also please visit Philippines with the cast or Furukawa Yuki ! you and yuki are the best actress and actor in japan for me ....

Hi Kotoko-chan your so cute, pretty, and talented thats why i admire you ^_^ . I like the way you act in itazura na kiss and your too young.

How does it feel to kiss a really old guy that only looks like he's your age?

No offense though because I'm a huge fan of Yuki's too but I'm just really curious...

i wish that you will come in the Manila, Philippines i love you miki honoka im so vey love you i am inspire of your story with yuki furukawa and all the cast!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all, it came from the original country where it is created.

I know actors explore different concepts and it's not like I have anything against lesbians but wow..was a huge blow.. You're like a year older than me but your acting skills is great compared to your age :) I think the Japanese version of Itazura na Kiss is the best one among the rest. I'm a huge fan of you since Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo I really really like that drama. This drama aired on the Philippines but before it started airing I've already finished watching the drama online I wish Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa will air sooner than I expect because I can't really wait to giggle because of your .. Ms Miki is also a very pretty lady and I look forward to future shows, she's overall a wonderful girl to watch! Looks like Honoka doesn't have any latest Drama Series/Movie in 2016, I've always dying waiting for her latest Drama & Movie.. and i'm a big fan of u....i would like 2 meet u....i'm from Malaysia... Kon'nichiwa miki-san :3 watashiwa Michelle from Philippines I always watching your movies and drama series .... pls visit in the phillippines you have so many fans in philippines and many hoping you came in philippines and i hope i see you in personal then i wanna take you a picture with me and photograph and im waiting to watch the itazura na kiss season 2... I hope someday you can visit our country so that all your fans here can see and meet you personally.such a lovely girl.more mischievous kiss to come..goodluck to your career! hi miki im vanessa from philiphines your movie mischievous kiss is in philiphines it so beautiful movie in philiphines the mischievous kiss is tagalog version hello you r so beautiful im your fun vanessa we love you hi miki!! I like your acting skills and your so Beautiful :) I really like your very Unique and to Be you and Kotoko ,, :) I Like also Furuwaka Yuki .. I hope u will more tv shows to come ty God Bless... Mischievous kiss is really a beautiful drama series and I really really love watching it,you and yuki are perfect.. When I found out she was in a lesbian movie, it kind of ruined my mind set for Love in Tokyo 2.... ms honoka miki i am trisha half japanese half filipino i am your biggest fan here in philippines i wish that you can come here because there are many fans waiting here !!! you know what, since i saw your movie here in our country i really really like you the way you act even if it was the first movie that was aired here in the philippines, i hope you'll be making more movies together with yuki furukawa hi!!!!!!!