These studies propose to deal, successively, with the general topic of doubt as experienced by believers, and then, chiefly, with practical suggestions for the possible resolution of each of three prominent types of doubt.

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Those lectures, entitled "Christian Doubt: Toward Resolving a Painful Problem," comprised most of Sections I and II of this volume.

The remainder of the manuscript (Section III, in particular) was completed during a lectureship in an adjunct study program at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, England.

Second and somewhat related, I am not qualified to offer any psychiatric or psychological counseling and my comments should not be construed as attempting to do this.

My purpose is to deal with the phenomenon of doubt and while this frequently involves such conditions as depression, anxiety or medical factors, it must be understood that I am only qualified to offer advice concerning such healing of various forms of Christian uncertainty, not the psychological or medical conditions such as those just described.

Doubts concerning the ideas or persons most important to us might be called an almost universal fact of life. The question marks in our heads are never fully erased."3 And lest someone think that non-religious persons are different, C. Lewis' personal comment is very instructive here: Uncertainty is common to human existence, but dealing with it is complicated both by the fact that there are different species of doubt and because each of the types frequently involve more than just that one area.

One could well question how many Christians have not doubted, at least at certain times in their lives.2 Based on numerous analyses of human behavior, scholars have noted that doubt of various types is a constant companion throughout life and is common to human experience. Thus, there is a tendency for doubt to "spill over" into other elements of human experience.

However, at the same time, if the subject is to be approached by a single individual at all, it will almost assuredly be a person who cannot deal in an expert way with all of these subjects and specializations.

So I will go on record by saying that, while my own training is in the areas just identified above, I will at least endeavor to address the others for the sake of attempting to minister to hurting people.

Introduction: Some Crucial Groundwork Identifying Doubt Factual Doubt Emotional Doubt Volitional Doubt When God Does Not Answer Jesus As A Living Person The Testimony of the Holy Spirit Heaven: A New Perspective on Life Conclusion The opportunity to write this manuscript came chiefly as the result of two extended speaking engagements.