May 20 actually has a special meaning for Chinese speakers, as 5-20 is a play on "I Love You" in Chinese. It's taken them 10 years to turn friendship to love.Despite Wallace Huo's many romantic roles and his prominent status as one of the top leading men in China, this is only the second time that he has ever acknowledged a relationship.

For example, closeness without attraction is the kind of love we feel for best friends.

We share secrets and personal stuff with them, we support them, and they stand by us. Attraction without closeness is more like a crush or infatuation.

These new feelings can be exciting — or even confusing at first.

These three qualities of love can be combined in different ways to make different kinds of relationships.

Although Asian fans are usually skeptical and even critical of their favorite stars' dating relationships, it seems that fans of Chinese-language dramas everywhere are in complete approval of this real-life romance.

After all, 40-year-old Ruby has a famous agreement to marry Alec Su, close friend and fellow actor from if she is still unmarried at this age.

Love helps us feel important, understood, and secure.

But each kind of love has its own distinctive feel.

You're attracted to someone physically but don't know the person well enough yet to feel the closeness that comes from sharing personal experiences and feelings.

Romantic love is when attraction and closeness are combined.

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