In fact, players can even snag multiple marooned singles into the same date. The core mechanics of Bum Rush are very simple - the inputs are limited to the D-pad for direction and A for gas - but scrambling around the neighborhood cockblocking your mates and stealing their partners is a hoot in short doses.

There's not a lot to it, but Bum Rush is a free game that was conceived as an exhibition piece for NYU Game Center's No Quarter Exhibition (run by Rinse & Repeat and Radiator 2 developer Robert Yang) so don't expect much mechanical depth. Bum Rush's quirky concept may sound juvenile, and in many ways it is, but there's some genuinely clever themes behind the madness.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place where others come for fun and vacation? “Of course.” “Then I’m officially interested.” I will stare at him and squinch my lower eyelids up a fraction towards my upper ones. We wouldn’t care less if you did saunter in and steal away the most core dude in the valley. But what we don’t have too much of is female friends. Just be a little picky, because as much as I like Single Guy #1-20, I’m not sure I’d want to marry him.

dating a bum-50

The basic premise is ingenious: eight university student sharing a dorm each get texted for a booty call.

The only problem is that their cramped living quarters are such that only one person can secure the bedroom for the night.

Always pay attention to how a guy talks about his exes—because one day, that’s exactly how he’ll talk about you! ” Source: WENNI have no real basis for this opinion, but I believe that social media is a girl’s domain. What is going through a dudes head when he does this?

Source: WENNI used to date a boy who, during action films, would go “BOOM! For some reason, it totally icks me out when a guy is updating his status all the time. When they tweet at celebrities or comment on their Fbook pages or Instagram pics. “Hey there’s a camera, I better show everyone I can turn my hand to the side and spread two fingers! ” This hideous gesture is often accompanied by Affliction t-shirts and tanning salon memberships—so much douchebag in one human, I can't handle it.

Ooo why are you thinking about getting yours done?!?!

” Source: WENN And yes, Kim's ARE fake, trust me I have about to star without checking my watch, and after years of practice I can FINALLY spot a douchebag a mile away.But when you’re smitten with someone, your douchebag radar can be wonky and clouded by lust, love or just plain desperation to not be single anymore.For one: the cast of both playable characters and dates run the gamut between gender, race and sexual orientation.This orgiastic flat doesn't discriminate and acknowledges that when you get right down to it everyone f***s.It is for this reason that I seriously wish I was friends with Katy Perry. I’m not talking about lines of cocaine (although that definitely counts too) but rather well-rehearsed pickup lines.