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Tlie register contain.s al.«o such other information conc'drnin''' NEW ADVERTIEMENTS. , the sum ofthirty dolhir^i, as solicitors fees, .-^^'j Ho - suit or proceeding has been commenced or in^,** j toted to recover the debt 50 secured by said Murt' K gago, contains d clause waiving by the Mort;fage J_^ ^y^- j[ \j- of lieapers .t Mowers. Vt- their heirs and assignors all but one year ef the P.ed? After enduring for ten days, or there- abouts, these cruelties, P^vans tore oft' a sfick from his buid1, ai'd Kceor-icd ii!

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Address Deacon S:t Peterson, 310 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

The Prospectus of this mag.a- zinc for next year embodies a silendid list of contributors. And of NUTS from every clime, he keeps a largo supply constantly on baud. STRAYED.— From the premises of tbo subscn- l.or, about 20 sheei), A part of the. Any one giviag iuformation wbero they may bo found, will be libarally rewarded. And it is further ordered, that a copy of tha above order be published in the "Free Homk- STKAD," a newspaper printed in said county, for at least four successive weeks previous to the day of hearing tbe said application.

chatices for the Coppeahcad Deniocra- .111 tliis meant something, and that; " ,.".*., mm • i i i.- something wasunderst^RKl tobe an at-|cy dimmish. Tiic Deiuoctacy arc in our throat, but it dofs not come out j down on negroes but friendly to Indians wlien we say that Mr. Gilt Mouiaiu-i Kept piil Taivl WAKK-IIOOMS COUVKU OK U.

arms and munitions of War at dittereut *^» ^Vs the clecli-iw approaches the points in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Give one day to the good cause and it w ^2') I'or trying to }»i»t a woman oil' the ears, snppb.«iing that' ;^ie wa.*? She inoved that she waa an In- dian - — K.xchange/ Kxaetly so.

He thinks he can stand bein£r a 'dir- ty c»»»," having Deen one go long, we jjrcsume he has got used to it, but he had rather be excused from being our brother. t (juarter and the South liulf of the North Ea.j the fvme more or Icss. S3y State of Minnesota, ") County of Faribault ^ cs. Johnson, deceased, that there ia no personal estate in the hands of the said Rial B. ^ at.-.l to lit n P'.; ' '.: , .,m- LOOK lll^RE ilardwiirt^.

'J wo weeks ago a few weak backed Re i)ublicaiis fultorcd fearing imiartial euf- to the assertion. jvero by said Mortgage, to wit: The East lialf of tho Xorth We? Johnson of Winnebago City in said County adminietrator of the estate of Edwin 0. We trust that Minnesota politicians will take the cue from their Iowa brethern and go with the public sentiment which sets uiimistakbly towards the doctrines ot he Declaiation of Independence. It appearing to the satisfaction of this court, by tbe petition of Rial B. As Jim Cavanaugli once said, so it is the peo- )de of Minnesota have had cuough of that breed of Statesman who are made by taking the moccasins off an Indian * trader and ien4i Og Uim to the L^nited States Sc K^ate, Good-bye Rice ! Hence- forth Iowa treats all meu alike whether they come i'fow Ireland or Africa ! But the fact is, the traitor r'^cord of this weathercock in politics, is bound to damn feim, worse than ever dirty 1)0^- tician w as damned before. They have nut the red-mouthed "nagur'" voters ami t UMunlished them on the issue of Without doubt he is the ■worst beat am»« that ever run for Gov, eraor io Minnesota and it is well known that we have several specimens who can show a good record in this respect. , , , I the one question of shall the Co.i^itu- I his IS what the" Southern lebcl.s cx-j,. ♦ i i i I tion ot tiie Mate be amended s.- as to i)ected of Northern Democmts during i . V^^'^}' ^^''^ ^'^^^ ^'^'^^ against grant- Carr's home— "hell" -tc find the ]roof j ed the like privelcge to negroes.