Bueno, soy una gran fan de Carlos Ruiz Zafón y me pareció ideal hacer un foro porque no encontré ninguno...

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And the guy doing his Gabby Hayes-like deputy cackles like a lunatic. The town and all it’s inhabitants, good and bad, look clean and wholesome enough for an episode of Bonanza. Even the nastiest villains look like they’ve just shaved and brushed their teeth.

Near as I can tell, Steffen (a Brazilian by birth) went on to appear in at least three more films with Django in the title, and one each in the Ringo and Sabata franchises, along with many other miscellaneous oaters.

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The resident, whose identity is being kept confidential, lived on a specialized ventilator unit at the facility.

She required a mechanical ventilator to breathe and was entirely dependent on the nursing staff; the resident passed away after the defendants failed to respond to the ventilator alarms.Until last week, the only Django movie I’d seen was the original with Franco Nero. But the original set the bar so high that lesser films like this can still provide plenty of entertainment. When a gang of villains challenges him, he promptly kills them all. as Some Dollars for Django, Django: A Bullet for You and A Few Dollars for Django, is nowhere near as good. In the first seen our hero rides into a two-bit town wearing a Man With No Name hat and serape.Then he tosses what appears to be a stick of dynamite into the tavern, so the head villain will come out an get shot.That done, he picks up the stick of “dynamite,” which is only a candle, and lights his cigarette. Luckily, the opening scene’s dead guys were only a small part of the gang that robbed the Miners Association, so the Association big wigs send our hero, a bounty killer named Regan (he’s never called Django) to Montana to kill the rest of them. In the process, he rides into the middle of a typical ranchers vs.Persons who use information contained on this website to threaten, intimidate, or harass any individual, including registrants or family members may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability under state of federal law.