your analysis of a potentially successful CR-esque site depends on the idea that people actually want to engage in worthwhile conversation with strangers. people want to see weird stuff, to objectify other people, and to let other people to see them.facebook works because you only interact with your friends.

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Recording Omegle on Mac Recording on Windows Community Q&A Video chatting with complete strangers can either be super creepy or super fun.

To remember the memories you make on Omegle, you can try recording your conversations.

self-servingly, i attempted to analyze the appeal of chatroulette in the Becker/Murphy rational addiction framework here, but i don’t think it really works.

the site is just weird, and think it will just be a short-lived, deeply disturbing novelty.

In practice the big problems with Chat Roulette are These are all screening mechanisms: you earn control over whom you match with.

But the system also needs a signaling mechanism: a way for a brand new user to signal to established users that she is worth matching with.

What about a system like Pandora Radio that increases the marginal cost of hitting the next button?

Pandora allows you something like six skips per hour of streaming radio.

For example, instead of a NEXT button, provide only radio buttons which, when one is pressed, assigns a positive or negative score to the user and moves on.