He also produced, scripted and performed in the slapstick show The Lost Laugh with his very good friend Jane Deane.

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So people have turned to online dating, especially when they have a very specific quality or type they're looking for.

With over 1,500 dating sites out there (not to mention all the dating apps), they can't be broad.

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Andy spent the next few years touring with a number of children's theatre companies.

Circus is a magical business, but it can be difficult to meet new people and form lasting relationships when youre on the road performing.

The Clown Dating Agency hopes to get performers together, providing fun, friendship - and possibly even love - for those who share a passion for juggling, plate-spinning, trapeze and custard pies.

Finally, if you want to find out about The Clown Dating Site then click here.

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Put a whale under your pillow before going to bed, and you will feel suitably refreshed in the morning Eggs are evil. Do not fall asleep in the proximity of an egg Never trust a blind dentist, however sweet his voice The dangly stuff that hangs from a goldfish is caviar.

Over the two years we were in the mirthful match-making business, we succeeded in coupling up loads of clowns and circus performers looking for love, and it made us very proud and happy.

Niche dating sites are on the rise, and whether you're looking for a rich man to travel the world with or a hottie in uniform, there's a site (and someone behind the computer screen) out there.