It was on the 13th hole of the Old Course and I was caddying down the 6th which is adjacent. “You wouldn’t happen to live in Pittsburgh would you? Mick Mitchell, California: Had to cross the pond to meet Big Ben! Me (standing next to Ben on the left in the black shirt and cap) and some friends from Napa, CA met Ben at Kingsbarns GC in St. Josh & Meghan Luetkehans, The Windy City: We were in Scotland for my sister’s wedding and met Ben, his buddy Mike, and two other friends.

I looked over and noticed the size of the man and thought, ‘Wow that’s Big Ben! I immediately went over and asked for a picture while congratulating him on the Super Bowl wins and the most amazing TD pass ever to Santonio Holmes! My legs were like jelly and my heart was going so fast, it would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money (no pun intended). We had a great time and had a blast hanging out with them!

Roethlisberger, who declared himself eligible for the NFL draft after his junior year, has a good pro arm, is more athletic than Eli Manning and Philip Rivers and sees the field well. The 6-5, 245-pounder possesses the qualities teams want in a quarterback: size, arm strength, accuracy, some mobility, smarts.

Scouts generally believe he has the highest upside of this year’s QB crop, but also represents the greatest risk because of his limited experience.” — The late Joe Stein, NFL Draft expert for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Roethlisberger and Manning are at the six-day NFL combine in Indianapolis, where prospects show off their physical and mental skills.

Ben was a perfect gentleman and said he always loves to meet fans. Chris Mc Laughlin, a chance meeting in Scotland: I’m 24 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I have loved Titans Football. As Ben and his companions were taking their seats, I couldn’t help but mention that he looked so familiar. Ben also stopped to pose with Irishman James Cullinane, and three lovely lasses who were also visiting Ireland from the US. “This photo was taken in June, 2012 at the PNC Big 33 Football Classic.

I’ve lived in the UK all my life and only visited the United States once a year. At work, I am the only person who knows anything to do with football. And then there was that wonderful visit with the Rooney’s on July 4th, 2014: Ben, Ashley and Mr. Rooney pose in front of the Ambassador’s residence this afternoon. Our organization (Air Force Recruiting) based out of Pittsburgh, was comprised of 100 active duty personnel spread across Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland. We rallied the troops for the photos and a short chat with Ben (made all my Steeler buddies outside of PA super jealous).

He was very obliging so I asked for a photo with him and he had no problem with this. He must have been a little surprised that I recognized him straight away.

I’ve met many personalities in my job but I have to say that Ben is so approachable and down to earth. He’s always welcome back to Ireland, and especially Ballybunion! I would imagine he thought he would not encounter anyone who recognizes him in Scotland.

It’s always enjoyable meeting top sports people and personalities.

I had a brief exchange with his golfing partners, and then plucked up the courage to ask Ben for a hand shake. Now, I’m not 100% sure exactly what I said next but my mind said I know exactly who you are”.

I wish my son was still young enough to participate.