COM: What do you think of the Houston family doing a reality show?

I was furious when Booby did that reality show and Whitney was a part of it.

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One of the things I felt important about of the 28 years or so in knowing her, was to talk about the other 98 percent of who she was.

WINANS: When it comes to reality shows I have no thought at all.

COM: Was the process of writing about your friendship with Whitney Houston therapeutic?

In any relationship, if you invest you'll become very close and you know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

COM: In the chapter "Don't Blame Bobby," you're very honest about what you think of Bobby Brown.

Let me just say this: As much as it's been reported, and as much time as I've spent with Whitney, I've never seen her use drugs or be high on anything.I think of her every day, but thoughts of her bring a smile to my face because of the wonderful memories that we made over the years.COM: In the book you touch on the darker times in Whitney's life, specifically the drug abuse, but you don't address any specific incident."When you're married to someone known all over the world, it has serious challenges," she said.Bebe Winans, who was in Atlanta Friday for a taping of "Sunday Best," responded in a statement from his publicist.The document alleged that the incident happened February 13.