Recently, I was on a date with a very successful Atlanta lawyer.

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To become more open and accepting, she believes we need to start with education.

Redskins linebacker Lynden Trail usually poses questions to his Facebook followers, but when he asked about interracial dating, Trail got a divisive answer from a football fan.

I think that only dating within your race limits you from meeting someone incredible because you’re hung up on the color of his or her skin.

If you find someone that you share a mental, emotional, and spiritual connection with, you need to run after it, because those connections are very rare. And lastly, if you date interracially you may be happy and you may fall in love. But being able to see past any risk you think interracial dating entails can open you to happiness.

*Writer’s note: My name is Rachel and I’m a junior here at Georgia State University.

My column will be about sex, dating and relationships.

I'm not sure how this area is when it comes to interracial dating so I thought I would ask the public for assistance.

Can anyone tell me where I can go in the Columbus and Atlanta area to meet a Caucasian female for dating or a relationship?

The post has since been removed, but Trail asked why wealthy Black athletes marry white women Thursday, March 16.

As followers awaited responses from other users who began to weigh in, a Miami Dolphins fan called Maserati Rick responded by bashing Black women.

), why do we still have a 1950’s mindset about love and attraction?