Ever since prolific gamebook developer Tin Man Games acquired the Fighting Fantasy license a few years back, there were a couple of releases many fans were waiting for. While the last open-world puzzle adventure I reviewed had the torches and pitchforks out for me, I do love the concept of like, a Metroidvania style puzzle-adventure. While developer Bizarre Creations thought it would... The popularity of hero-centric multiplayer has taken gaming by storm over the last few years.

Video games are the best form of artwork there is, because the unique aspects of the form create for interesting works. Seeded by MOBAs like League of Legends and Dot A 2 and spreading to the likes of Overwatch and Battleborn...

“For the implementation, we rely, in addition to Herzog & de Meuron, on architectural firms here in Berlin that bring extensive experience with the city and its architecture to the job.

At the beginning of 13th Century some defensive structures were built to protect this thriving part of Florence: a palisade was erected, which later evolved to a stone wall, and several important families built their fortified homes here, some of which still stand.

Two religious buildings are also located in Borgo San Jacopo: the church of San Jacopo Soprarno, founded in the 10th Century, which in May 2006 became the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Jacob Apostle, and the former rooms of the Compagnia di San Jacopo, an association established for the Jubilee of 1300 in order to provide assistance to the pilgrims.

The bell-tower we see today was built in 1660 by Gherardo Silvani.

The interior was modified in the 18th Century, when the Ridolfi Chapel was demolished with its dome built by Brunelleschi (perhaps it was a scaled-down demonstrative example of the famous Dome of the Cathedral, as Vasari says).

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: one of them, Borgo San Jacopo, is located in Oltrarno and has mantained its mediaeval structure to our day.At the end of the street toward Ponte a Santa Trinita there is Palazzo Frescobaldi, the struictures of which include sections built in different periods, and the fountain of Buontalenti (17th Century).Borgo San Jacopo was almost completely destroyed by German mines in 1944: after the war the street was rebuilt, by restoring the ancient towers (where possible) and adding modern buildings whose colours and materials were inspired to those of the unrecoverably destroyed buildings.Diggers will be deployed to remove the remains of the Friedrichstrassenpassage arcade dating back to 1909, and to prepare the site for the excavation of the construction pit in November.pwr development Gmb H intends to start with the actual construction and redevelopment work by mid-2018, and to have the last building ready for occupation at some point in 2020.In the front stand pronounced columns and the facade is adorned with animal heads.