Personal life: Anthony Kiedis dated actress Ione Skye for two years but they split in 1989 due to his destructive withdrawal symptoms from drugs.He had a relationship with Heather Christie and they had a son called Everly Bear in 2007.The band go back together in 2011 and were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012. T.' opposite Sylvester Stallone and under the stage name Cole Dammett.

Tried to open the mouth, [it was] like, locked shut.

"So I started rubbing the belly, bubbles came out of the mouth, the eyes rolled back into place, the ambulance showed up and I handed the baby over, who was now breathing and fine, and we went back to Carpool Karaoke."It was kind of a beautiful thing that we stopped for the dance off, [as] the baby needed help and we were there.

Childhood: Anthony Kiedis was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

His parents are actor John Kiedis, aka Blackie Dammett, and Peggy Noble. He saw his father in Hollywood for two weeks every summer before moving in with him when he was 12.

He was temporarily asked to leave to go into rehab and he quit the drug cold turkey after RHCP won the LA Weekly Band of the Year award.

His soon started taking drugs again which affected his ability to make complete third album 'The Uplift Mofo Party Plan' with the band. Peligro were added to the band, though Mc Knight clashed with the other members and was soon replaced by a talented fan called John Frusciante.Kiedis wrote single 'Under the Bridge' about his addiction and that hit number 2.They embarked on a major tour during which Frusciante felt uncomfortable with the attention and left to be replaced by Arik Marshall.Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro was added to the band.During recording for the next album, Kiedis struggled with his vocals after becoming addicted to drugs again despite 5 years of being clean.While we were all LOLing at Anthony Kiedis and James Corden's epic wrestling match on Carpool Karaoke this week, it turns out that an out-of-car interlude actually saved a young life.