Robert ten Brink heeft net een prachtige uitzending gemaakt met Kerst.

Maar ook start er binnenkort een nieuw seizoen waarin hij iedere week weer gebroken harten zal lijmen, geliefden herenigen en stille liefdes openbaar maken in All You Need Is Love.

Guests in the three productions have included artists Marci Mac Guffie and jason Irwin, and musicians Fred Thomas and Athesia.

From music to movies to literature to the random Buzzfeed article, we are constantly inundated with certain notions of what romantic love is, looks like, and feels like. Can we develop healthier, more realistic visions for our future love lives? Join the PSU, WU, and three panelists as we expand upon definitions of love and explore relationships beyond hegemony.

These children suffered from the lack of something vital: Relationship.

In their entire fifteen years, they’d never been cuddled or rocked to sleep.

With up to twenty children per one caregiver, infants spent as many as 20 hours per day unattended, staring up at the ceiling from their cribs.

For the most part, the children’s physical needs were met— they were fed and bathed and had their diapers changed— but in the emotional and interactional realm they received little to no stimulation.

If you want to raise a healthy plant, the protocol is simple enough: provide ample soil, water, and sunlight, and the seed will grow and blossom into a healthy maturity.

Attend to a plant’s immediate physical needs, and it will thrive. The devastating outcomes at the Romanian orphanages have shown us that in the human realm, caring for physical needs alone is grossly insufficient.

As a result, the population swelled; many families were left unable or unwilling to care for their children.