I was happy to spot on that list the places we already had reservations for (it was at that moment I knew we would be eating well! When we were ready to head back to the Airstream to find our spot (G4, by the way) Dwight hopped into his golf cart and guided us to our spot helping us hook up!I would also like to say how helpful it was to have our propane tanks re-filled by the staff at Mc Call RV resort. The next morning we hop into the truck and make our way to Brundage Mountain for a day of skiing.

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April gives us a great tour of the mountain and our son, B, quickly catalogs his favorite runs on the “Front Side.” He then asks us, Before we ran out of breath, Lakeview bowl and it’s adjoining backside runs were next on our list. Along with the backside trails, B loved their names featured from logging lingo such as Kickback, Springboard, Hotshot and Dropline.

Brundage had most definitely lived up to its reputation of not only the best snow in Idaho but some of the best snow in The Northwest.

It’s exciting to want better meals made with better foods.

The old world has been doing this for generations and Vincenzo’s continues that tradition every chance they can.

03/22/2017 Pro Basketball in KW If you are looking at having some fun on a weekend or an evening, and want to see some good local sport entertainment at a reasonable cost for a family of 4, then you will need to take in a KW Titans basketball game.

The new pro basketball team in KW has invaded The Aud.

Just take a look at the view that we were greeted with upon entering the award-winning “The Narrows,” restaurant. I think we stood there for what seemed like eternity just gazing through the windows at the lake.

The Narrows menu was difficult to choose from as everything sounded divine.

That was such a nice perk since it really is a pain to take the tanks off, haul them to a gas station to get them refilled and then drive them back in the frigid cold weather to re-hook them up. We join up with our host and guide April Russell, director of communications, at 9 AM sharp at the aptly named Blue Bird express.