Understanding your sexual views and knowing your partner’s is a valuable part of preparing for intimacy.

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From family secrets, to personal choices, from health problems to mental health concerns, this is the time to share things big and small, paving the way for honesty and openness as the foundation of your relationship. Expectations: Because expectations are such a deep-seated part of who we are, we don’t often think about them.

But talking about these things gives us a chance to bring them to the surface in a constructive way.

But just as important as it is to retain our individual relationship with God, it’s important to connect in our faith experiences as we look toward marriage.

Discussions about prayer life, reading God’s word, spiritual roles, theological beliefs, and denominational preferences are all things that need to be considered and discussed as you move forward. How were you parented, and what are your personal views on parenting?

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There are many important aspects to this topic that would be beneficial to take the time to discuss and work through. Boundaries: Essentially, boundaries are your views on what is okay and what is not okay when it comes to your relationship and marriage.Past: When it comes to planning for a marriage it’s crucial to talk about your past, because the past has a role in shaping the present.Whether your past is tainted with pain, or filled with hope- you need to get real with where you come from.It’s crucial to get comfortable with this topic of conversation, because it’s one that you’ll carry on for the rest of your married life.What are your views of sex, and how have they been shaped?This is just skimming the surface of the things we may expect going into marriage, and it’s an important conversation to have. Money: It’s amazing how such a seemingly benign topic before marriage, can become such a trigger after.