The main actress is pretty, but it seems to me to be way too surly to be a prostitute.

Shouldn't she at least feign she is a sweet girl in front of her clients (this is not a criticism of her acting, she clearly has been told to play her that way by the filmmakers).

Slovenian girl-41

She is also on the run from two sleazy, violent pimps, who want her to work for them instead of independently.

A former boyfriend is stalking her also, and her mother back in her hometown doesn't look too happy when she shows up for a visit.

J’ai finalement décidé de tout arrêter et extrait l’une des sous-intrigues du sc...

Laura is a 19-year-old university freshman who desperately wants to do well in school.

One of them is a famous politician, and when he dies of a heart attack when he was in a hotel room with her, she flees not before telling the police.

She is soon searched by the authorities and by the news media as the mysterious Slovenian Girl.

Alexandra is a student from Krsko, a small town in Slovenia, while she studies the English language in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Working as a prostitute, her life is heading to where she wants it, but an accidental death has her wrestling with new feelings of fear, loneliness, confusion and responsibility.

Bobby Brown goes down Written by Frank Zappa Performed by Peter Musevski, Igor Leonardi, Primoz Pirnat, Primoz Petkovsek Published by Munchkin Music / Frank Zappa Music Sub-published by Frintage Publishing & Collection B. See more » A 23 year old Slovenian girl, originally from a small town there but now studying at the university in the capital of Ljubljana, supplements her life as a student with stints as a prostitute (to show how distasteful her job is, the filmmakers have all her clients to be fat and/or old).

To me the movie works best as a showcase of the general aimlessness of many young people today, especially in the developed world.