Some counties maintain a public web site which lists high risk, predatory offenders currently under supervision by Community Corrections.Contact your local Community Corrections office for additional information.You may sign up for as many notifications as you desire, but each will need to be subscribed to individually.

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The public web site contains information on those registered sex offenders designated as “Predatory” or as sexually violent dangerous offenders who are subject to community notification, by law. The public web site is located under the left page menu – Predatory Sex Offender Inquiry System.

Oregon predatory sex offender information can also be accessed through the National Sex Offender Public Registry at .

If the offender is not incarcerated on the original sex offense conviction, and has been registered in Wyoming, they will appear on the public website as “incarcerated.” You will need to contact the detention facility where the offender is housed to determine if they will release the reason.

There are no provisions in the Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act that limits where offenders can work, or requires you to hire registered offenders.

The Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act authorizes the public notification to be made in any way that reasonably ensures notification was made.

Please contact your local sheriff’s office to find out how the notifications are done in your county.

There are provisions that must be met in order to qualify, and can be found in W. Please contact your local law enforcement agency, or the sheriff’s office where the offender is registered.

You can also submit tips on the webpage by searching for the offender, and clicking "Submit a Tip or Correction for this Offender." The information will go directly to the sheriff's department.

It is required that the address where the offender is physically employed be displayed on the public website. Wyoming does not base the duty to register on the requirements of the state of conviction, or of the duty to register in any other state.