But the excuse that it was too late to take pictures was quite genius la, because she took the time difference into account.” – Bob While the excuses were impressive, Bob points out that there were inconsistencies with her conversation, almost as if the responses were copy-and-paste, such as the one thanking him for approving her friend request – even though he was the one who added her.While Bob says Diane was pretty straightforward about what she wanted, which was to have some fun online, he tried to bring the conversation to a deeper level a couple of times, including one about the meaning of life 😆 There are some other examples of this throughout the rest of this article, but Bob was eventually convinced to start a webcam conversation…Even our editor Chak pun kena, finding that he now shares his name with a girl bearing a really nice pair of….glasses.

Sex in malsian-65

Despite Facebook Chat having a video calling function, Diane was adamant on using Skype.

“I think it’s because Skype allows them to run a program that fakes a live feed.

The real fun starts when she starts talking to you, and really…

Bob tells us that Diane’s message actually caught him quite unprepared as it was quite early in the morning and he happened to be quite busy: “When I got the message, I was like “S*it, she caught me unprepared! I told her I was a Malaysian Chinese, 42 years old this year, and selling firearms for a living.” – Bob While Bob sent us screenshots of their conversation, Diane’s part is now missing because the account has been deleted.

They’re actually playing a video, but the program is fooled into thinking that it’s live footage from the webcam.” – Bob These same programs are used by Omegle jumpscare pranksters, but we won’t be providing any links to these programs in the name of social responsibility But now, Bob had a problem.

He didn’t want to show his actual face and he was afraid that the scammers could hack into his phone or computer.

Her Facebook and Instagram pictures (both since blocked) show a girl who’s “living the life, taking selfies wearing branded clothing and carrying Chanel bags.” In reality though, “Diane” was actually a Filipino man. “She” had to give his real name and address in the Philippines in order to complete the bank transfer of the money.

As it turns out, the Philippines is the third-most notorious country for these kinda scams after West Africa and Russia, and they usually work in syndicates targeting people from around the world.

She was then forced to perform oral sex on the pair.