Registration is free, and so are the online forums.

Here, you can browse topics and find people who have similar interests and opinions. Our Time Our Time is a very active free online dating site for men and women over 50.

No matter what your age, getting involved in the online world will open you up to many resources.

There are chat rooms dedicated to anything and everything, including activities that seniors enjoy.

You can find chat rooms where people discuss trivia questions, learn a new skill, play games, meet a special someone, share writing, plan trips or discuss travel, ask questions to an expert, or simply share thoughts with others.

As the Internet becomes integrated into daily life, these chat rooms can provide a vital link to meeting people and continuing to keep the mind active. Many seniors see it as a time to do the fun activities that have been on their minds for years.

While some people might volunteer or travel when they get older, others long to keep learning and educating themselves from the comfort of home.

Some chat rooms are moderated and this is usually a good thing.

Sometimes in unmoderated chat rooms, one user will bully another, but this is not appropriate behavior.

Just because a person claims to be a senior male or female doesn't necessarily make this true.

Never give out information such as your address, phone number, credit card number or Social Security number.

These are acronyms that people use when they text each other on a cell phone or converse in a senior chat room.

Some common ones include: If you want to brush up on your lingo, Love To Know online has a guide with additional online acronyms.

I do..Sorry, I don' t accept random friend requests. Also have a kik i like chatting on and having some fun. Here is a list of celebs that I have made and am constantly adding ... I was on here before, but can't seem to remember my password from the old account... When I first came here, I was all about cybersex and some RP, which is fun. I think this part is a total waste of time ..I have changed my mind what am I looking for.. Didn't actually think we'd ever be back here!