She was vilified and the council suppressed her report and tried to sack her for gross misconduct.Files were stolen from her office and fake minutes of meetings that never happened added to her computer.

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When she pointed out that the gangs consisted of Pakistani-heritage Muslims, she was admonished and forced to attend “racial awareness training”.

On two separate occasions she was threatened by officers from South Yorkshire Police, she says.

Police officers and social workers were so terrified of being branded “Islamophobic” that they were prepared to turn a blind eye to the abuse of very young white girls and cover up the crimes.

And the old excuse – “We had no idea this was happening! Back in 2002, Home Office researcher Adele Gladman blew the whistle on the scandal and provided South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council with specific details of the names of offenders and victims, methods, locations and car registrations.

It has received complaints against 92 named officers.

In addition, the National Crime Agency has identified more than 300 child abuse suspects and 9,000 lines of enquiry.

Some of the victims were in Sheffield Crown Court to hear the jury’s verdict and see their tormenters finally face justice, after years of being ignored or branded as liars by the authorities.

But before we hang out the bunting it is worth remembering that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

A 2014 report by Professor Alexis Jay made it clear that Rotherham’s child rape gangs had acted with impunity for decades and there is likely to be in the region of 1,400 victims in this one Yorkshire town alone.