Mond quotes Ford, saying, “History is bunk” (an actual quote from the real-life Henry Ford) in order to explain why the students have not learned any of the history that the Director explains to them. He has heard rumors that Mond keeps forbidden books, such as Bibles and poetry collections, locked in a safe.

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Strong emotion, inspired by family relationships, sexual repression, and delayed satisfaction of desire, goes directly against stability. Before the existence of the World State, the instability caused by strong emotions led to disease, war, and social unrest that resulted in millions of deaths and untold suffering and misery.

Mond describes the initial resistance to the World State’s use of hypnopaedia, the caste system, and artificial gestation.

‘He explained that hanging himself up was a feature.

You accepted what he told you but you made him promise that he would not do it when you weren’t there. w=770" class="img-align-none wp-image-6519316 size-full" src=" w=770&h=494" alt="" width="770" height="494" / The inquest heard Mr Rose was found hanging in a farmhouse just a few doors down from where he lived in Hermitage, Berkshire, on December 13 last year.

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The Director leads the students to the garden, where several hundred naked children are playing.

In the current World State, all games, like “Centrifugal Bumble-puppy,” involve complicated machines.

The Director is interrupted by the cries of a little boy sitting in the bushes.

But the experiments became more and more dangerous and he started tying his own hands until his girlfriend found him dead, Berkshire coroner’s court heard.