I’ve had the app on my phone for a couple of years, but mainly for the purpose of researching it.

I hadn’t used it in at least a year, and was very surprised to see the message at right last week.

In the interest of research, I clicked the link above (I don’t recommend that you or your kids click on an unknown link, ever) and was taken to a site that looked like Tinder (the hookup app) and featured pictures of a number of ladies in various stages if undress.

Adult chat and picture swap app-17

A: Spammers can find account names in two ways: public data scraping and reverse engineering.

Q: Our clients are parents – the bottom line for us is, in the event that a teen is a responsible Kik user, is there something that a parent can do to make sure he/she doesn’t get these types of messages?

In case you can’t read it: “Hello from the KIK Dating Team.

We’ve noticed that you may be interested in our online dating partner have thousands of beautiful women all ready to chat and flirt using KIK Messenger!!

Others include Whats App, Line, Viber and to a lesser extent picture messaging apps like Snapchat.

At 200 million users, Kik is hardly a flash in the pan, and there are actually good reasons to use a messaging app, the principal one being that when you’re on a wifi network, your messages won’t be a tax on your phone’s data plan.In this article you’ll discover 18 things you can do to help kid-proof your i Pad or i Phone, and make it safer for your child to use.Let’s start by taking a look at the Restrictions feature built into i OS, which gives you lots of ways to protect your device.Not all the apps and social networks that we review take the time to do so.Second, we checked out the Whats App and Line apps to see whether, as Kik claims, their functionality for reporting and preventing spam and harassment is that much better than the competition.After we first became aware of it last year, we wrote a post that touched on the adult spam problem at Kik, titled, “The Kik app is definitely not for kids.” Today we’re revisiting the topic with a little help from Kik.